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You are the founder of OIKOSHREEM Infratech Pvt. Ltd.. What was the vision behind starting this company? Having Completed my higher studies from USA & London, I envisioned the need for real estate to look at specialised professionals
to handle the sales and marketing needs of a real estate developer specially in Uttar Pradesh. That is when we decided to start this organisation which is a one-stop solution for all real estate sales and marketing needs. We are in the process to associate with lots of people and we are focused on building a strong human capital. We have planned to achieve a volume in the next financial year. Our Plan is to integrate Information Technology tools with our business in order to smoothen the sales and marketing process. We are targeting a big Market of Purvanchal with our strong associate network. How open is your brand to adapting the latest technology? Does your brand use technology to expand business? We are always technology friendly.. With the current situation, we are trying to avoid sending our team for client meeting. This is why we are working on an app where my sales and marketing team will work without having to expose themselves to any risk in a safe environment. Similarly, we will ensure that we our channel partners (CPs) too will have an app wherein we will track their leads and revenues. We have invested a lot in technology in the past 2 months.

Do you think there will be a trend where developers will hire special professionals like your brand for sales?
I think most will do so eventually. Developers driven by sales would want strong marketing for their projects. Also, we bring
down the operational costs of the developers drastically and charge purely on performance. What makes your brand different from your competitors? Our approach. As a brand we value human capital and invest a lot on that. For us humans are an asset. We believe purely in mandates. That’s the biggest reason why our sales & Marketing team and Associates feel very secure with us. How can you describe your brand’s relationship with Associates ?
Associates are one of our key strengths when it comes to sales and marketing. They are a huge asset to our organisation. We value their expertise and whatever they bring to the table. They trust us and this has helped us a lot. Our Objective is to add Un-employed youth, Housewife, Retired Professional, who are having a dream of unlimited income and economic freedom. We are running a campaign and anybody in India can join us by sending us an e-mail on or by calling us on Toll Free Number 1800 102 2153. We offer them a very good leaming platfonn to build their career. Could you shed some light on your clients?
Our esteemed clients include Industry leaders. Most of the A+ and B+ category developers operate with us. We have been very choosy about the developers we work with. When we pick up a product we see to it that it has a financial closure as well. To tick our box, developers have to be committed to deliver the products. What are the changes that you are expecting in 2021 ? Where do you think the government can play an important role to make 2021 a blockbuster year? In 2021, we expect the Union Budget to bling in more relief for the homebuyers and developers alike. For individual income taxpayers, there should be easing of tax slabs. This will result in more money in the hands of each family, which in turn will help in stepping up consumption. Already, the government has announced setting up of Alternative Investment Fund for stressed projects, this is a major welcome move. In 2021, the indust1Y looks forward to gaining more benefits from this fund and push forward stuck projects. Stranded homebuyers getting their dream home is what actually can make 2021 a blockbuster year.
Do you think OIKOSHREEM really has the potential to disrupt the Indian real estate industry?
In real estate, sales continue to be widely dependent via the human interface and not solely on technology. Nonetheless, it has been observed that social media / online marketing helps in generating leads for sales as a homebuyer first researches on the In-temet before visiting a micro-market. The sector has already adapted to advancements introduced by technologies and in future, we may witness newer dimensions getting introduced to OIKOSHREEM App and Portal, which in tum may be a potential disimptor.
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Sikka House Plot A1/1 Vibhutikhand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow UP - 226010

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